Wirtschaftsdatenbank des Spiels Avorion mit hilfreichen Tools für Spieler, Hoster und Modder.


06.05.2023 11:15

Internal update & bugfix

Fixed solar power plant - it actually produces 25 energy cells per cycle.

Also I did some internal system updates. If that caused any issue please contact me.


12.03.2023 07:52

Fixed production capacity

Updated the calculation of required production capacity for factories and mines to match the latest game version 2.3.


27.02.2020 19:54

Avofactory Database updated to Avorion 0.32

Updated database and Mod manager to Avorion 0.32, also included the new factory attribute "factory_size" to all vanilla factories. If you created a mod in mod manager, you should update your factories and add the "factory_size" attribute.

As usual, please report bugs if you find any.


15.02.2020 19:13

Avofactory updated

There has been a little technical update to prepare an upcoming update of the Avorion economy database. If this caused any problems please contact me.