How to use

Choose the factory you want to operate in the "Add factory" list and click add. The amount means the amount of productions, not the amount of factories. That means, a factory of size S is equal to 2, size XXL is equal to 6. When using the mod Complex3s a Class X factory is equal to 10.

The coosen factory and amount of productions will apear on the left side. On the right side is an overview of all produced and consumed goods, and the relations of these (layout may change on mobile devices). You can add as much factories to the calculator as you want, also you can use "Auto fill consumption" to automaticly add all required factories for your current productions (only works for low-tech factories or higher).

If you want to change the amount of productions that are already added, you have to click reload after changing the values.



The default setting uses vanilla factories only. You can choose a mod(pack) in account settings:

  • All Production Chains
    Adds mines/factories to produce coal, diamonds, raw oil and biogas. Both mod versions are supported
  • Galaxy Gamers modpack

More mods can be created by using the modpack manager.

The calculator is optimized for using the mod Complex3s, but also works fine when you do not use it: Complex3s mod

Thanks to Laserzwei for the great mods.

A guide for building a complex (german):

Danke Baridor für dieses Video.


Known Issues

  • Layout may not work on some small mobile devices
  • There is no forgot password function yet
  • Auto fill consumption only works for low-tech factories or higher
  • Dangerous/illegal is missing in goods list
  • Changing the selected modpac may corrupt your calculator savestates. I recommand to redo them after changing the modpack.



  • Improve Layout
  • Add a button to factory list to remove a factory (currently you have to set amount to 0)