Modpack manager

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The modpack manager offers a graphical interface to create your own economy mods. Without any programming- or modding skills you will be able to adjust existing factories or create new ones. You can define wich goods will be produced and wich will be consumed.

Then you can download the mod, the factories you modified this way will be available ingame as soon as you copied the automaticly generated mod file to its right place. Watch FAQ pages for more information. Of course you can also use your mod in all tools on this website, including factory calculator.

Multilanguage is supported, but requires a little programming skills. Alternatively you can just insert the names for your factories in your own language, it will all work fine for you this way, but you lose multilanguage support.

More infos & HowTo

Attention: the modpack manager is in beta state, there may be issues that lead to data loss. Right now I can not guarantee for the data you provide, they may be lost when an issue happens.