Modpack manager - HowTo

First steps

In the beginning you have to create an own modpack in the mod manager. One click on the pencil symbol of the new modpack and you can define its name, also you can make your modpack public for the factory calculator (not supported in beta state, please contact me if interested in this).


Create your own factories

Below the fields for names and so on, there is a list of all Avorion factories, grouped by their level. Open any group and klick on the pencil symbol at the factory, you wanna modify. You can define a lot of the stations properties: what will be produced, what will be consumed and so on. You can also disable stations of the vanilla game or create new stations. Do not forget to click on save button.


Field descriptions:

  • Name [de] and Name [en] defines the name for the station inside this website in english and german - type in whatever you want
  • Name [Ingame] definines the name in the exported mod. If you wanna keep multilanguage support it is required to provide translations in Avorion and type the correct syntax.
    '${good}' will be replaced by the produced good, '${size}' will be replaced by the size of the station (f.e. XXL).
    If this factory is a modified vanilla factory, not created by the user, you can leave this field empty to restore the default value. This will fix broken translations.
    If you do not need multilanguage support, you can type in whatever you want, but I can't say how the game handles different character sets.
  • Priority may be of relevance in the factory calculator tool. By using 'Auto fill consumption' the calculator will add factories to the list, that produces the required goods. Is a good produced by more then one factory, it will add the factory with the highest priority. Default value for most factories is 2.
  • The button Disabled turns off this factory, it will not be visible in the factory calculator and not be available ingame.
  • The button Consumer will make the current factory be a consumer (like Biotope). Be aware that consumer will not be exportet, so changes to consumers will not be available ingame. I highly recommand not to turn off the consumer setting for vanilla consumers. This tool does not support consumers! They will only be available in the tools on this website (factory calculator, goodslist, factorylist).
  • Production and consumption is the used/produced goods per cycle for each production chain. Due to technical reasons I recommand to use field Garbage correctly.


In the list of all factories you will now see additional informations: Modified. That means, that this is a vanilla factory that has been modified. Custom means, that the factory is created by the user.

Modifying factories may move them in another group. When you create a new factory it will be in group 'Unknown or disabled'.


Insert mod into your game

After these steps you can do a lot of things with your new mod: you can download it to insert it into your game and make your factories available ingame. Also you can use it in every tool on this website - to do this you must activate it in Account -> Settings.

To insert this mod in Avorion you can simply download it in the modpack manager on this website. Just click on the download symbol. Then you must copy the file into the folder `[STEAM DIR]\steamapps\common\Avorion\data\scripts\lib`. Be sure that the filename is `productionsindex.lua`, multiple downloads may attach an auto incrementing number to the filename wich must be removed. Please create a backup of the vanilla game file, also make a backup of your galaxy.

Please keep ind mind that consumers can not be automaticly exportet into a mod file. The mod download only supports factories that produces goods. Removing consumer property of stations like Biotope may cause issues.



All mods created with tools on this website may be published. A note with a link to this webside is welcome, but not required.


General information

This tool is currently in a beta state, there may be issues. I do not take any warrenty of using this.
You found an issue? Please let me know. I can't find all issues by my own so I'm glad of every issue you find. Also the usability may not be perfect. Tell me when you stuck in the GUI.


Known issues

  • On this website some 'Mines' may be displayed as 'Simple factories' or the reverse. This does not affect the game.
  • When you start editing a factory, it will be marked as modified, even when you did not change anything. I recommand only to start editing factories to change it. If you want to watch the productions you better do it in the factory overview tool.


Goods editor

An editor for goods does not exist yet, but may come later.