Choose the factory you want to run in the "Add factory" list and click add. The number refers to the amount of productions, not the number of factories. An "S" factory is equal to 2, an "XXL" factory to 6, so the factory calculator is also compatible with mods that change the number of production chains per factory.

On the left side of the screen, the desired factory and the selected number of productions will appear. On the right side is an overview of all productions and consumptions. You can add as many different factories to the selection as you like to simulate the production chains. To automatically add all needed factories click on "Auto fill consumption" (currently only works for low-tech factories or higher).

If you change the number of existing factories, you must click on "Update" to apply the changes after you have entered the desired quantities.

Yes, but only if the author of the used mod has uploaded his mod here.

As a registered user you can choose in the account settings which mod you want to use. This affects all tools of Avofactory - changed stations etc. will be displayed in all lists and in the factory calculator.

Your server/mod is not in the list? Ask the author of the mod to contact me to make his mod publicly available.

This section offers the function to create your own economy mods. You can then use these economy mods in all of Avofactory's tools. You can also export (download) your own mods and insert them into the game or upload them in the workshop. This means you can create your own economy mod with a user interface without any programming knowledge.

Multilanguage is supported, but requires little programming skills. Alternatively, you can simply define the desired factory names directly in your own language and thus avoid multilingualism.

The following modifications are currently supported:

  • Create new factories
  • Modify/disable existing factories

Planned features:

  • Create new goods
  • Modify/disable existing goods

At the moment only the productionindex.lua file is generated, which contains all factories and mines. But in the future it should be possible to generate a fully functional mod, which can be uploaded in the workshop without further adjustments.

Not supported:

Consumers (e.g. shipyard) can be modified, but are not included in the mod export. This is because consumers are hardcoded in other scripts, which cannot be generated automatically. However, modified consumers are available in all tools of this website.

First a new mod must be created in the Mods section. With a click on the pencil symbol the mod can be modified.

Below the name is a list of all factories in the game, grouped by the level of the factory. Open one of the groups and click on the pencil icon at the desired factory. Here you can adjust all important properties of the factory: what is produced, what is consumed, etc. You can also deactivate factories of the vanilla game or add completely new factories. Do not forget to save.


Available fields:

  • Name [de] and Name [en] defines the name of the station within this website in English and German - type in whatever you want
  • Name [Ingame] defines the ingame name when the mod is exported. If you want to have multilanguage support in the mod, please make sure that the translation is available in Avorion and the name is entered in the correct syntax.
    '${good}' is replaced by the produced good, '${size}' is replaced by the size of the station (e.g. XXL).
    If the factory is a modified factory from the Vanilla game and not a newly created one, this field can be left blank to restore the default value.
    If multilanguage support is not required, you can type in the name in your own language. But I can't say how this field ingame reacts to other character sets.
  • Priority is used by the factory calculator. When doing 'fill consumption' the calculator automatically searches for factories that produce the necessary goods. If a good is produced by several factories, the factory with the highest priority is used. The priority of most factories is 2 in the default setting.
  • The button Disabled disables the factory, so that it is not used in the tools of this website or ingame
  • The button Consumer defines that the chosen factory is a consumer, like the biotope. Please note that consumers are not exported, so the changes ingame will not appear. I strongly recommend NOT to disable this feature for the consumers of the vanilla game. The mod export does not support consumers! However, modified consumers are supported in the tools of this website (factory calculator, product overview, color overview).
  • Production and consumption defines the needed/produced goods of a production cycle per production chain. It should be mentioned here that for technical reasons the field Garbage should be used correctly.


In the list of factories you will now see an additional information at the changed factory: Edited. This means a factory in the Vanilla game has been modified. Custom means that the factory was created by the player himself.

If a factory is modified, it can happen that it appears in a different category. A newly created factory will appear in the 'Unknown or disabled' section.


Add the mod to your game

After these steps you can do a lot with your new mod: you can download it, insert it into your game or upload to workshop. You can also use it in all the tools on this website, just select the appropriate modpack under Account -> Settings.

To add the mod to Avorion you should first of all make a backup of your galaxy. Then you have to click on the download icon in the Modpack Manager on the website to start the download. You will now get the file 'productionindex.lua', which you can insert directly into your mod. Unfortunately it is still necessary to create the mod according to the instructions in the wiki - but it is planned to do this automatically in the future.

Please note that, as already mentioned above, all consumers are not exported. The mod download only supports factories that produce goods, no consumers or trading posts. Removing the consumer property from stations such as the biotope can cause issues.


The mods created here may of course be published without restrictions. A reference with a link to this website is welcome, but not required.